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This course is designed to professionals who want to improve their language skills to superior level.

It is essential for:

  • Learn our courses easily without difficulties to follow lectures;
  • Improve your listening, reading and speaking skills;
  • Improve your report writing skills;
  • Improve your presenting skills;
  • Improve your vocabulary skills

If your English Language skills are not sufficient to work as a professional business player in your industry, you must learn this course to improve the essential skills through the online Intensive English course. It is not an expensive programme but cost effective and value added which is fully conducted by English native teachers from UK.

In the courses you will be trained for an effective communication skill and improve your presenting skills such highly status report writing, presenting, Charing for a meeting, monologue and dialogue skills.

We assure that you will feel of your language capability after you followed our course.

Course Curriculum

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  • £430.00
  • 48 Weeks

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