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The CIOB level 3 Diploma in Construction Site Supervisory is designed for eligible candidates working in the construction sector who wish to move into a supervisory role. The course covers a wide variety of topics to develop knowledge and skills to enable candidates to supervise work on construction projects safely and efficiently.

The programme comprises 7 units in total.  To achieve the Diploma in Site Supervisory, candidates are required to undertake six modules including Unit 3.

CIOB qualifications are now regulated under the Regulatory Qualifications Framework (RQF). Gaining the Site Supervisory Diploma provides evidence to employers and clients that an internationally recognised level of qualification has been successfully achieved. Having an experienced site supervisor with this qualification helps employers satisfy regulatory health and safety and other EU requirements. The learning outcomes include all the necessary knowledge and skills to assist in supervising a team working on a construction project of any type and size. The programmes provide the underpinning knowledge and understanding for the National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) in Construction Site Supervision.

Course Content

The course consists of one year part time study

  • Unit 03 –Supervising Health, Safety, Welfare and Environment and any other five units from the following six units. There will be a formal evaluation at the end of two specified units for the award of the Diploma. The qualifications are based on completion of assignments. RQF credit value of each unit is 7 and the unit guided learning hours is 30 hours.
  • Unit 01 – Planning
  • Unit 02 –Organising and Controlling Operations
  • Unit 04– Managing Dimensional Accuracyof the works
  • Unit 05–Working with People
  • Unit 06–Supervising Construction Works to Existing Buildings and Structures
  • Unit 07–Supervisingthe Construction of New Buildings and Structures


Period of Study

Unit grades apply to overall performance in units including assignments.
The candidate will be required to join the CIOB as a student member.
Total period of the course is 1 year (part time) however this can be adjusted according to the College time table so completion timescales may be less than stated.
Additionally, the college will organize group study and develop the presenting skills of students. You should be prepared to spend time in private study to assist your assignments, in addition to attending the live lectures.
The CIOB will offer certificate for individual units, which can be used at a later date for the student to complete their full award.

Course Curriculum

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  • £980.00
  • 104 Weeks
  • 100 SEATS

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