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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the most popular exam to assess an applicant’s English level for entry to a university course in English speaking countries, migration and visa applications.

Currently, the IELTS test is available in over 130 countries and can be taken up to 48 times a year. So wherever you are, access to follow the IELTS Exam Preparation Online course.

It is essential for:

  • Entry to universities in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA
  • Migration applications to Australia, Canada and New Zealand
  • Dependent of permanent resident visa application to UK

You must need the help to obtain the essential score through an online course which is not expensive but cost effective and vale added. The College of Contract Management offers IELTS exam preparation course to help you to get the best possible grade in the IELTS Academic or General exams.

In the courses you learn about how you will easily pass the exam, what examiner will be looking of your writing and speaking tests, why you have failed the test in your every attempts, where you have common mistakes and need to improve and you will be trained for the exam by plenty of exercises using the types of questions you will see in the exam.

We assure that you will easily perform you exam after you followed our course.

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